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Difficult English Words

Definite / Definitive

Something which is clearly defined is "definite", and so is an intention which is not going to change. Where the word "definite" is used for what is exact and firm, "definitive" is used for what is not only decisive but also conclusive and final, perhaps a benchmark.


Now test your own knowledge of the use of "definite'' and "definitive":


His work is the biography of Heinrich Himmler.

The internet is a help in learning languages.

We don't have any plans for the long weekend.

Doctors have been unable to make a diagnosis



If you are still unsure of the difference in meaning between "definite' and "definitive" try these links to online English dictionaries:

Dictionary reference for the word 'definite'.

Cambridge University Dictionary - definite


Dictionary reference for the word 'definitive'.

Oxford University Dictionary - definitive


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