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What You Need to Take Part in our Free Online English Lessons

Using free chat software from Paltalk, a computer with internet access, and a microphone and speakers (or headset) you can join in a group English lesson in our English chat room in the distance learning section at Paltalk. Our group is called Learn English! You'll be able to see and have a real-time conversation with your teacher and the other students in the class, read and send text messages all at the same time.

Paltalk is the free chat program which we use for our free English conversation lessons. In our room and any of the other rooms available at Paltalk you have the option of voice chat or the more traditional manual chat. With Paltalk you can listen to the conversations and can choose to speak or type your reply.  Paltalk also has video chat which with the help of a web cam allows you to see the other people in the room - if they are using a webcam! 

There are lots of different chat rooms on Paltalk, so when we aren't running a class you can visit any of the other rather nice chatrooms, and practice your English.

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