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We are interested in co-operating with people interested in becoming associated with our website for learners of English as a second and foreign language. If you currently run a language school that is in need of more exposure or you plan to start a language school of your own, contact us about becoming an associate of In return for a small payment we offer the following for our partner schools:

I - Links from our teaching center page to your own website. There are links to this page on our main page and many of our most visited pages. Our website currently receives in excess of 5000 hits every day from students of English as a second language all over the world. Extra links from other pages can be purchased at additional cost. 

II - Your own World English email address, e.g [email protected], etc. Extra email accounts can be purchased if required. 

III - Monthly publicity for your language school via our monthly esl / efl newsletter. This is currently read by more than 11,000 subscribers every month.

IV - Exclusive rights to links to your country. We will only sign one agreement for any one country per year. After becoming an associate you are free to use our name, logo and website address in any way to promote your language school in your own country for 12 months. Associates are able to renew the agreement for as long as required, and will always be offered the chance to renew before anyone else who might apply.

If you require further information, please contact us




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