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I'm Alanis, 23f from France. I'm looking for a girl pen pal to exchange
emails with.
I'm bisexual, and I have a boyfriend, but no girlfriend. Sorry guys, I'm taken!!
My hobbies include tennis, shopping, reading, surfing the net & flirting ;)
I'm very open minded, would love to talk with lesbians or bisexual girls.
You can take a look at my yahoo profile [email protected] but dont
email me at yahoo!


Hiya I'm looking to make snailmail penpals. I'm happily married to the man of my dreams, so I'm only looking for friends. I dont mind what age colour or race you are and I love doing rune readings and medicine card reading. You can write to me at...

Jay Solheim
27 Downview, Bude, Cornwall
EX23 8RG, England




I live in central London of African parents, have travel the
world and do have a good knowledge of life,living and people. Also willing to share people aspirations too.

Like to meet people who wants to relocate in europe and either needs personal support or contacts.

Best I can offer is the fact that I  am a very good listener, will give you time to put your own
thoughts,dreams, and visions into focus,for realisation.





U. S. A

I Am Looking for a pen pal from a different country I don't care if it is male or female I am looking for a friend nothing more. I am From Colorado Springs I was born In Minnesota I am French German Italian Swedish Polish Irish English. I want Buddies at the age of 16 and down.


Damien        E-Mail      Australia



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