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I'm 22 and I'm studying journalism and media studies at university in Bulawayo. I enjoy a whole of staff like swimming and travelling. I'm a rock music fan but pretty much listen to everything that sounds good to the ear. Certified couch potato and trying to watch as many movies as possible. I love to dance. so all you folks out there who are interested in snailmail give me a holla! Females only! I'm not interested in romance.


Steven   E-Mail  South Africa





I am good looking and handsome. I am a honest person. I want make friendship with a honest human being. My hobbies includes mountaineering and reading adventure books.


                 Min Thein


              Myanmar (Burma)

I'm a graduate. I would like to have many friends and to improve my English. I would like to work in other country and to communicate with others in English, to continue my education. And I like English language. So contact me as soon as possible





I have been married 18 years and I search only for friendship. I am American gentleman in true sense of word. I always open a door for women and I am Both a kind and a caring person, but also strong and determined when necessary  I also love a good joke, I am a romantic person by heart.

I can speak and write some Russian.
I search for a friend to have a life long friendship with, for good conversation and enjoyment of new friendship. If you are female and seek  the same please write. 


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