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I'm looking for friends around the world. 






Hi friends, I belongs to a beautiful village of Kerala - a state of south India. My state,with its wonderful natural beauty , is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Have you ever been to Kerala?
I am a teacher by profession. I am a graduate in Zoology and an MA in literature. I am looking forward to find a a beautiful and intelligent woman for lasting friendship.
I believe in genuine and  selfless friendship
I assure you absolute decency in my words and deeds.
If you like me please write back with all your details, preferably with a recent photograph. Hoping to hear from you soon.




I am the man in white!




Hobbies: swimming, travelling, and meeting people.

I am a 22 year old boy looking for a girl from anywhere in the world, to be my friend and I want to meet her one day anywhere in my country







Hi, I am a publisher and researcher, but my interests in the matter of art and literature. I am searching for pen pals around the world ( all different ages and genders ) that we can talk in these matters. I am mountaineer and like biking and any sport related to nature. I am really like snow, rain and nature! I have climbed highest mountain of Iran and would like to climb other summit in other countries especially in Alp with your correspondences if you have experiment! In addition we can arrange a long tour bike with each other. I am young enough that come with you in any place. I can guide you if you would like come to my country and climb Damavand (5711m) peak and other summit that I have some experiments in it! My major is economy and if you would like we can have discussion in this matter and in the matter of policy and sociology !

One of my interests is communicating with other people from different countries from all over the world. It broadens my knowledge to the different cultures, traditions, politics and social issues that these people are experiencing. I would like to know more about your culture and traditions and by this way I would like improve my English either! I know English and a little bit Arabic, my native language is Persian, please write me only to English ! 






Gender: Male

Age: 18 - 29

Location: Cairo, Egypt

I love going out, traveling, visit the countryside and enjoy sunset.
I wishing to meet people and make new friends.


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