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Peter from Australia

 Peter   E-Mail   Australia

I am a 26 year old Australian guy and I love to travel and meet fascinating people from many different cultures.  In the last few years I have backpacked around Europe and parts of Asia, visiting almost 40 countries world-wide.

In a month I shall be working in Siberia, Russia teaching English, where I shall remain for a year or more.

If you would like to correspond with someones who's gone a little 'travel mad' and has an interesting perspective on life then I'm your guy!

I would like to write to girls or guys from Asia and Europe (especially from RUSSIA or neighbouring countries) of a similar age group as myself or younger English learners who would like to practice their English (I am a conversational English teacher) (ages about 13-28.  I love to talk about travel, and learn about interesting cultures.  I hope to hear from you very soon! :-))


Eddie      E-mail      Pakistan

Eddie from Karachi Pkaistan age 42 looking for a sincere lady friend from Europe or Eastern Europe.

Write ill treat you like a princess :) I use msn messenger and my icq is 348563590

Please no gays, money making schemes, or any one from Gambia, Ghana or Nigeria.






hello every one there. i am a loving ,caring and handsome uganda looking for friends out, Oh ladies why can't you try me and guys don't hesitate to contact me.



Kate      E-mail      Poland

Hello everyone! My name is Kate, Iím 24 years old and I come from Poland. I'm doing a doctorís degree in chemistry. I canít live without music, Iím falling in love with Bach and I play the guitar. My interests are also psychology and spirituality, wandering in the mountain and riding a bicycle. My lifeís motto is: ď Love and do what you wantĒ (St. Augustine). Love is the most important thing in manís life, love for God, for a man and for myself. Iím looking for penfriends from all countries, religions and cultures.



Darryl Wilson


Location: Victoria , BC , Canada

Looking for: Female Friends

Hi! Iíd like to meet some new people from
Canada , the United States and around the world. Iím probably not a typical 20 year old. I love business, travel, and animals and lots of other things. I love learning about people. Iím a Virgo if you like Astrology.


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