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Listen to English Accents from Around the world

This section of the site is a new feature where you can listen to dialogue or a poem being read by different native speaker from assorted English speaking countries. This list will include speakers from various locations in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, USA, Canada, and the West Indies (Jamaica). While you listen you can also read what the speaker is saying. This is a good way of improving your listening skills at an advanced level and learning to recognise the differences between accents of different British, American and World English speakers. And at the same time increasing your knowledge of English literature. Contact us if you would like to submit a recording of yourself reading some poetry or similar. We will happily add any accent to our site! Quick link: read more English poetry online.


American English Accent

Read by a male native speaker from America

William Butler Yeats Poem


American English accent

Read by a female native speaker from the USA

 Christina Rossetti Poem


English Accent

Read by a male native speaker from the south of England

Shakespeare Sonnet


English Accent

Read by a female native speaker from London, England

Love and Marriage Poem


Scottish Accent

 Read by a male native speaker of English from Scotland

Robert Burns Poem




More accents and readings to follow!




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