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Read our article about online university level degree studies carefully, checking any new words using the Oxford dictionary link above. When you're sure you have understood the article try our reading comprehension quiz here.

Distance learning is learning that takes place when the school or university and student are separated by space and/or time. The gap between the two is usually bridged through the use of technology - such as audio tapes, videoconferencing, satellite broadcasts and online technology - and/or more traditional delivery methods, such as the postal service. Increasingly, it is viewed by many as the best way to study everything from a foreign language to the highest level university degree. There are many online programs available, from many different institutions. Some of the many possible online degree studies are described here.


The MA Degree

An M.A (Master of Arts) is an academic degree higher than a B.A (Bachelor of Arts) but lower than a PhD (Doctorate). An intensive masters degree may be completed in one year, though some Masters degrees take two years to complete. Generally this is made up of taught courses followed by the completion of a dissertation / thesis. 

Featured Link:

The University of Reading MA in TEFL / ELT by Distance Learning

This program aims to provide a means of continuing professional development for language professionals, allowing them to enhance their knowledge and skills and their employment opportunities in language-related fields. 


The MBA Degree

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is probably the worlds best known and most widely recognized post graduate degree. It is a professional degree - in that it is intended for those who work in business and management i.e., the intention of a program leading to an MBA is to prepare or further prepare individuals for responsible positions in business - usually managerial positions. MBA programs are run throughout the world, as they are seen to be relevant for the preparation of people for work in management irrespective of the industry, business sector, the nature of the economy, and other areas.

Featured Link:

APESMA La Trobe University MBA program

With more than 2000 active students, and a global community of more than 9000 graduates, the APESMA La Trobe University MBA program is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, and one of the largest in the world. 

The APESMA MBA Program is a global program. Our students come from 50 different countries, and 550 organisations.

The success of the program — and its graduates — is no accident. As a private provider, APESMA Management Education focuses on meeting students’ needs. Consider these unique features:

* More than 95% of APESMA's students are managers in large organisations. They need a flexible, high-quality program. They want to learn one day and apply their learning the next. Our high-quality, practical distance learning approach delivers.

* APESMA students benefit from academic input from a wide range of authors, academics and industry professionals — not only from the faculty of one business school.

* APESMA delivers education, not just information. APESMA students demand skills and knowledge, so the educational process is managed with this in mind. APESMA's instructional designers are among the best in the world.

* APESMA offers a wide range of subjects, and update courses regularly to keep their students at the leading edge.


The PhD Degree

The PhD - Doctor of Philosophy - is the title awarded by a university after around 3 years graduate study and completion of a dissertation (PhD thesis). Sometimes it might involve the passing of taught components prior to submission of a thesis. Some institutions now offer credit for work which a candidate has already completed in a relevant field and / or for life experience. It is the the highest degree awarded by universities in the English speaking world.

Featured Link:

Leicester University PhD Program

Leicester University offer a range of doctorate programme where students learn through a combination of attendance at the University and individual supervision by your doctoral supervisor through regular email contact. Your supervisor will agree milestones with you, provide feedback on your work in progress, respond to any queries you have, and generally guide you in your research work.



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