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Intermediate +

Read the article and as you do decide what words are missing. 

Electric Milk Float Speed Record

A Welshman claimed the first milk van speed record on Thursday after zooming at 73 mph a souped-up electric machine.

Electric milk vans, called "floats," one of the quintessential features of British life, designed decades ago to run in silence, so legend goes, to avoid waking slumbering citizens when the milkman drops pints of milk at dawn.

The floats have not been for their speed until Welsh milkman Richard Rozhon got the wheel of his brand new Electron E150 on a track at the Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome central England.

Rozhon was at something of a to describe the experience.

"It's radical designed futuristic vehicle," he told us by telephone. "Something sort of out of the space . It's a futuristic looking milk float."

Rozhon said he the speed mark with no milk bottles on board, but guessed it could go nearly fast when fully loaded.

Another team tried to set a record in a conventional float on the same day barely got 50 mph.


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