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Intermediate +

Read the article and as you do decide what words are missing. 

Crazy Carp

Crazy carp have invaded rivers Missouri, USA. Two species of non-native carp have jumping into boats, injuring occupants and damaging the watercraft.

A state fisheries biologist motoring near Langport had a filling knocked of his tooth by high-flying fish that struck him on side of the head. Another state biologist in the same area was hurt when he was hit by a giant carp.

Simon Todd of the Missouri Department of Conservation said the big head carp and silver carp were brought to private fish hatcheries from Asia by the aquaculture . They were intended to eat excess algae and waste aquaculture ponds which grow fish for food well as bait and tropical fish. But escaped in floodwaters in 1993, 1995 and 2002.

"This could be an indefinite problem," Todd said. "They are safe to eat, but ecologically they damage the mussel population and are competing native fish for food. We are going to hear more and more the next few years about the problems these fish are , especially injuries to boaters and anglers."

Todd said the carp been spotted in many of Missouri's rivers, including throughout Missouri River.

"The sound of a propeller under water makes these fish crazy," Todd said. "The fish don't jump if you're sitting there without the motor on, but the higher the RPMs, the greater the noise, the these fish jump."

adapted from a true story

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