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Read the article and as you do decide what words are missing. 

Runaway Parrot


A foul-mouthed parrot is ruffling few feathers after setting home in a  churchyard in the north of England.

The vicar received complaints from people who have targets for verbal abuse from the exotic bird.

The mischievous African grey parrot called Arthur has been living with a of pigeons in the bell-tower St Mary's Church in Sheffield.

Seven-year-old Arthur regularly turns the air by swearing and wolf-whistling at passers-by.

But several attempts to catch the parrot he free as a bird.

Owner Shirley Davis, 35, of Hathersage, said Arthur's favourite monkey nuts had not enough to entice him back captivity.

"Arthur can be very abusive and all sorts of filthy things that I don't want to repeat.

"He probably picked it all from me and I heard about a swearing parrot I knew it our Arthur."

Voice from above

Church warden George Fish said Arthur become a local celebrity escaping from his owners the summer.

"I have to Arthur several times and he seems quite happy at the church.

"I know that he wolf-whistles but I haven't him swear at me probably out of respect I am the warden."

Local pub landlord David Taylor said he was shocked hearing a mysterious voice from as he walked his dog.

"I couldn't believe when I first heard parrot.

"I thought I must have upset someone because of the language that was used.



adapted from a true story

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