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Intermediate +

Read the article and as you do decide what words are missing. 

Lullabies for Pigs

A farmer who classical music to his pigs at bedtime has reported to the council by his furious neighbours.

Raymond Boycott says the lullabies help his dogs and 70 pigs at his farm in Barton Grange, near Wiveliscombe in Somerset, get to a good night's sleep.

But people in earshot of the sties in Musgrove Road have complained to the council that swine symphonies ruining their rest.

Magdalena Williams, of nearby Hedgerow Drive, said: "The music has me awake several nights a week it started the New Year."

'Overpowering stench'

neighbour, Stephen Cooksley, said local residents also fed up of the overpowering stench manure.

He said: "The smell is unbearable - you can't invite people because embarrassing."

But Mr Boycott, 62, said: "It calms pigs down and it might even them grow bigger.

"I've never had complaints for over 33 years, but they built these houses a metre a working piggery six years ago and it has me lots of problems."

A spokesman for South Somerset District Council said inspector had visited Mr Collier's farm and that the pigs' music not loud enough constitute a nuisance to neighbours.

Earlier this year,, the farmer was ordered to change the way he stored manure to cut on the bad smells generated.



adapted from a true story

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