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ELPT (English Language Proficiency Test)

ELPT, or English Language Proficiency Test, assesses both your understanding of spoken and written standard English and how well you will function in a classroom where English is spoken. ELPT is primarily aimed at students who attend American high schools and:

  • who are not native speakers of English and have completed two to four years of English language instruction in an English-as-a-Second-Language program or in English enrichment courses and/or

  • whose first language is not English and/or who usually speak a language other than English at home or at work.

The test is offered at many test centres in November and January, and at participating high schools in April.

Most colleges in the U.S. require that students submit scores from standardized tests as part of their application packages. The most commonly accepted tests are SAT I, and SAT II. 

The SAT Tests

SAT I: Reasoning. The SAT I is a three-hour test that measures a student’s ability rather than knowledge. It is split into sections that cover verbal and mathematical reasoning skills. Most of the questions are multiple-choice.

SAT II: Subject Tests. The SAT II subject tests measure knowledge in specific subjects. SAT II subject tests are primarily multiple-choice, and each lasts one hour.

SAT / ELPT Tests are Recommended for:

  • Students whose first language is not English.

  • Students who attend U.S. high schools, or who have studied in an international school where courses are taught in English.

  • Students who have completed two to four years of English language instruction in an English as a Second Language program or in English enrichment courses.

  • Students who speak a language other than English at home or work.


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