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Phrase Thesaurus


A bit of alright
A bit of fluff
A bit of skirt
A bit of stuff
A bit on the side
A clever dick
A fanny magnet
A french letter
A gang bang
A gender bender
A knee trembler
A knocking shop
A leg over
A love rat
A one night stand
A pushover
A quick one
A red-blooded male
A roll in the hay
A sex machine
A wolf whistle
Amorous intentions
An affair of the heart
As cold as a witch's tit
As nervous as a whore in church
As useless as tits on a boar
At it like knives
At it like rabbits
Balling the jack
Bedroom eyes
Blue humour
Boy meets girl
Bump and grind
But screw your courage to the sticking-place
Carnal knowledge
Come across
Come up and see me sometime
Conjugal rights
Cop off
Donkey dick
Extramarital relations
Get to first base with
Go down on
Good time girl
Hankie pankie
Have a fling
Have it away
He's got a screw loose
Hide the sausage
Hot stuff
Hot to trot
How's your father
If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?
In heat
Jail bait
Lie back and think of England
Love life
Make love
Make out
Making hay
Making out
Making whoopee
Not tonight Josephine
Nudge nudge, wink wink
On the job
On the pill
Play the field
Private parts
Rock and roll
Safe sex
Screw around
Shag bag
Shag happy
She bangs like the shithouse door
Slap and tickle
Sleep around
Sleep with
Something for the weekend sir?
The age of consent
The beast with two backs
The birds and the bees
The facts of life
The fair sex
The gentle sex
The oldest profession
Turn on
Wham bam and thank you ma'am
Why buy the cow when the milk is free?
Your place or mine?


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