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A bag lady
A fag hag
A fine figure of a woman
A glamour girl
A kept woman
A lady of a certain age
A lady of the night
A loose woman
A painted lady
A poor little rich girl
All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players
An old maid
Behind every great man there's a great woman
Boy meets girl
By my lady
Faint heart never won fair lady
Frailty, thy name is woman
Good time girl
Hell has no fury like a woman scorned
Horses sweat, men perspire, women merely glow
Lady Bountiful
Lady luck
Lady muck
Make an honest woman of
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus
That woman speaks eight languages and can't say no in any of them
The fair sex
The female of the species is more deadly then the male
The gentle sex
The girl can't help it
The lady doth protest too much, methinks
The other woman
Vanity thy name is woman
What's a girl to do?
Wine, women and song
Women and children first


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