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Read the three magazine reviews below and decide which word fits each gap best.

The NEW Mini

The return a legend


Four decades Alec Issigonis penned the original, there's a new MINI, car designed with the fundamental principles of its predecessor in mind, but with an eye very much to the 21st century.

Created a joint team of Rover and BMW designers and engineers, but built at former Rover plant at Cowley in Oxfordshire, the new MINI is as much a fashion accessory as a piece of transport. Of course, it is a serious car well, for BMW's intention is to make the new MINI a true baby BMW - which means class-leading build quality, specification, design and desirability.

While it no obvious rivals (except perhaps other fashion statements like the new VW Beetle) other manufacturers still be keen see the effect baby BMW has on buyers. Most importantly, they prepared to trade the space and utility offered by practical superminis the Renault Clio, Fiat Punto and Volkswagen Polo for style and pose value? And being a trend-setter demand any compromises?

Reliability and Quality

From the first glance you see that this car is a cut above your average supermini. Of course, entry-level price is a cut-above too, but you get what you for. Like a body two to three times stiff as its rivals, which should mean no squeaks, terrific detailing in items as the chromework, the door handles and excellent exterior fit and finish. Inside, the Mini almost opulent, with aluminium finishes, expensively textured plastics and stylish seats. Even the boot attractively trimmed. It feels well engineered, and is likely prove robust and troublefree.


3 versions costing from 10,300 to 14,500.

Overall star rating (1-5)



Superb quality, desirability, safety features, character - and great to drive.


Tight rear seating, awkward rear access, and small boot.


A car that will make you smile. A hoot drive, refined, practical (for two) and lavishly finished the price. A bargain BMW for those want something different!


Jaguar X Type

The most affordable Jag - ever

Desirable cars, Jaguars, but they've always a bit old-mannish and, good value, out of reach for of us unless we're buying second-hand. The X-Type, , will change all that. Jaguar has never made a car small before, nor this affordable - not that 22,000 cheap, of course. It hopes to attract new and younger buyers to the brand, is partly why it has re-entered grand prix racing - Jaguar to present a younger, more dynamic face to the world.

The X-Type is squarely aimed buyers of BMW 3-Series, Audi A4s, Mercedes C-Classes, Alfa Romeo 156s and Volvo S60s. are relatively few choices in the so-called compact executive saloon market, and most of are German, so merely by dint of being different, the X-Type is bound to attract buyers. But needs to be good, too. Apart from looking a Jaguar, the X-Type's other major asset is that it has four-wheel drive standard.

This Jaguar is the car for those want something rather different to the usual executive car, and want to stand out the crowd. And if that's you, you be diasappointed.


8 versions costing from 19,995 to 26,500.

Overall star rating

For: Looks and feels a Jag, generally well finished, entertaining four-wheel-drive handling, innovative equipment.
Against: Limited range, minor quality glitches, engines slightly unrefined, predictable styling.
Sum-up: Better than the S-Type, and the most entertaining drive in class - despite some rough edges. Desirable.


Land Rover Range Rover

From the Savoy hotel to the Sahara, it is ultimate off-roader

When BMW took over Land Rover, it decided facelifting the Mk 2 in 2000 and replacing it 2007 - Land Rover's original plan - was not good enough the world's most prestigious four-wheel drive. And so all-new car was commissioned, the car that you here. Although Land Rover is now owned by Ford, BMW finished the job it started, delivering Ford a car which it always intended would be best off-roader in the world - better, even, its own X5.

The new Range Rover, says Land Rover, is intended not only to be the world's most off-roader, but to be an entirely credible luxury car too, machine to tempt chairmen out of their BMW 7-Series and Mercedes S-Classes. It's bigger than before, considerably sophisticated and, lovers of the breed will be relieved hear, claimed to be vastly better built. Pleasingly, prices start at the same level as they did the old car.

6 versions costing from 42,995 to 59,995.

Overall star rating

For: Style, presence, tenacious off-road ability, fine on-road manners, cabin quality, robustness - and sense well-being it engenders.
Against: Fuel consumption, especially of V8, fiddly air-conditioning.
Sum-up: The Range Rover back on top the most desirable off-roader.