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General Knowledge Quiz

Test your General Knowledge with this intermediate level quiz.

The answers are merely examples  - in many cases other answers are possible.

1 How many years make a century?
2 Name three oceans.
3 Which is heavier, gold or plastic?
4 Name two gases.
5 How many pence are there in a pound?
6 Name three deserts.
7 Name three metals.
8 Name three islands.
9 Name three birds.
10 How many legs does an ant have?
11 Of which country is Cardiff the capital?
12 How many inches are there in a foot?
13 Is Australia bigger than France?
14 Where do polar bears live?
15 How many legs does a spider have?
16 What is the capital of India
17 Which country do the rock group LED ZEPPELIN come from?
18 Name three rivers.
19 What is the national colour of Ireland?
20 How many sides does an triangle have?