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Poland Gap-Fill Exercise

Read through the text from the CIA world factbook and decide which word best fits each gap. Click on the arrow to check your answers. If you'd like to see some photographs of Poland scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Poland is an ancient nation that conceived around   middle of the 10th century. It's golden age occurred  the 16th century. During   following century, the strengthening   the gentry and internal disorders weakened the nation, until   agreement in 1772 between Russia, Prussia, and Austria partitioned Poland. Poland regained   independence in 1918   to be overrun  Germany in World War II. It   a Soviet satellite country following the war,   one that was comparatively tolerant and progressive. Labour turmoil in 1980 led to   formation of the independent trade union "Solidarity" that   time became   political force and   1990 had swept parliamentary elections and the presidency. A "shock therapy" program during the early 1990s enabled the country   transform its economy into one of the   robust   Central Europe, boosting hopes for acceptance   the European Union (EU). Poland joined   NATO alliance in 1999.

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