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Intermediate +

Read the article and as you do decide what words are missing. 

Robinson Crusoe

robinson crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is the name of a who was stranded on an island many, many years . He had many problems to  as had to build a shelter, which would serve as his new   and would keep him dry if it started to . He also had to search for food, he knew that without food and he would die. After searching for some he found clean water and trees with lots of in them. Little by little he also managed to build different   of weapons, which helped him to catch wild and to fish. One day he noticed some footprints in the . He was very surprised and did not sleep much the following . He was afraid of what would happen if he found the other . The next day he took his weapons with him and went to for the person. If you have or heard the story then you know what happened. He found a man who could not speak his language. Robinson started to call the man ,as it was on that day that he met . Bit by bit the two men started to understand each other and help one . In the end Robinson Crusoe was rescued, but that is story. 





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