33 different ways to say Appropriate

Other words that mean Appropriate

Direct synonyms of Appropriate

  • appropriate - suitable
  • capture - to take by force or cunning
  • seize - to take hold of suddenly and forcibly, also SEISE
  • conquer - to overcome by force
  • allow - to put no obstacle in the way of

Words With Similar Meanings To Appropriate

  • enamour - to inspire with love, also ENAMOR
  • trance - to put into a semiconscious state
  • catch - to capture after pursuit
  • becharm - to enchant
  • enamor - to inspire with love, also ENAMOUR
  • captivate - to charm, fascinate
  • beguile - to deceive
  • charm - to enchant
  • fascinate - to interest exceedingly, intrigue
  • bewitch - to affect by witchcraft
  • entrance - to fill with delight
  • enchant - to delight
  • seizure - the act of seizing, also SEISURE
  • get - to obtain or acquire
  • clutch - to grasp and hold tightly
  • prehend - to lay hold of; to seize
  • assume - to take for granted
  • impound - to seize and retain in legal custody
  • grab - to grasp suddenly
  • suppress - to subdue or hold back
  • permit - to allow
  • tolerate - to endure with patience
  • earmark - to set aside for a definite purpose
  • reserve - to hold in abeyance
  • grant - to bestow upon
  • leave - to go away from
  • admit - to allow to enter; to confess
  • let - to allow

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How else can you say Appropriate?

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Seize - to take hold of suddenly and forcibly, also SEISE

Eg: The thief managed to seize the purse from the woman before running away.

Trance - to put into a semiconscious state

Eg: The hypnotist put her into a trance and gave her suggestions to quit smoking.

Enamor - to inspire with love, also ENAMOUR

Eg: She couldn't help but feel enamored with him after their first date.

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