9 different ways to say Crew

Other words that mean Crew

Direct synonyms of Crew

  • gang - to form into a gang (group)
  • crowd - to press closely together

Words With Similar Meanings To Crew

  • pack - to enclose for transportation or storage
  • ring - to give forth a clear, resonant sound
  • mob - to crowd about
  • crew - to serve aboard a ship
  • bunch - to gather together
  • push - to thrust or press against
  • herd - to bring together a group of animals

We found 2 ways to say crew, and another 7 words that have a similar meaning to crew. A synonym is a word that has close to or means exactly the same thing as another word. If you're looking for another way to say crew, using a synonym or related word can help you avoid repeating yourself and add variety to your language.

How else can you say Crew?

If you want to really widen your vocabulary, exploring each synonym's own related terms can give you plenty of ideas to improve your speech and writing.

Gang - to form into a gang (group)

Eg: She was afraid to walk alone at night because of the gangs in the neighborhood.

Crowd - to press closely together

Eg: The crowd at the amusement park was excited to ride the new rollercoaster.

Mob - to crowd about

Eg: The mob of football fans clashed with the police outside the stadium.

Crew - to serve aboard a ship

Eg: The astronauts trained together as a crew before their mission to space.

Herd - to bring together a group of animals

Eg: The store had a herd of shoppers during the Black Friday sale.

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