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Words With Similar Meanings To Decide

  • check - to inspect
  • see - to observe with the eyes
  • ascertain - to make sure
  • watch - to keep in view
  • learn - to be informed
  • set - to put in a particular position
  • shape - to fashion into a form
  • mold - to work into a particular shape, also MOULD
  • influence - to have or exert an effect on
  • regulate - to control according to rule
  • find - to come upon after a search
  • specify - to state in detail
  • root - to implant in the earth
  • locate - to find or pinpoint
  • settee - a long seat with a high back
  • fall - to descend freely by force of gravity
  • sink - to subside to a lower level
  • finalize - to completely finish, also FINALISE
  • ensconce - to settle comfortably, also INSCONCE
  • subside - to sink to a lower or normal level
  • reconcile - to restore or bring back to friendship or union
  • solve - to find the answer to
  • purpose - to intend to accomplish
  • answer - to say, write, or act in return
  • conclude - to finish
  • dissolve - to make into a solution
  • resolution - the act of resolving
  • resoluteness - the state of being resolute
  • judge - to decide on critically

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