30 different ways to say Demonstrate

Other words that mean Demonstrate

Direct synonyms of Demonstrate

  • demonstrate - to show clearly
  • march - to walk in a military manner
  • prove - to establish as certain or true
  • show - to cause or permit to be seen
  • attest - to affirm to be genuine

Words With Similar Meanings To Demonstrate

  • process - to treat or prepare by a special method
  • mar - to spoil or damage
  • marching - MARCH, to walk in a military manner
  • border - to be adjacent to
  • parade - to march in a public procession
  • borderland - territory at or near a border
  • establish - to settle or fix, also STABLISH
  • shew - (archaic) to show, also SHAW
  • test - to examine critically
  • rise - to move upward
  • raise - to move to a higher position
  • testify - to bear witness
  • demo - to demonstrate
  • exhibit - to display publicly
  • present - soon
  • picture - to form a likeness of
  • appearance - external show
  • indicate - to point out
  • read - to look at and understand written matter
  • express - explicit, clearly stated
  • usher - to escort people to seats
  • display - to put on show
  • certify - to declare as true
  • manifest - clear, obvious
  • evidence - to make apparent or visible

We found 5 ways to say demonstrate, and another 25 words that have a similar meaning to demonstrate. A synonym is a word that has close to or means exactly the same thing as another word. If you're looking for another way to say demonstrate, using a synonym or related word can help you avoid repeating yourself and add variety to your language.

How else can you say Demonstrate?

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Attest - to affirm to be genuine

Eg: The lawyer advised her client to attest to the truthfulness of their statement in order to avoid perjury charges.

Parade - to march in a public procession

Eg: The protest parade marched through the city streets demanding justice for marginalized communities.

Shew - (archaic) to show, also SHAW

Eg: The teacher shewed the students how to solve the math problem.

Appearance - external show

Eg: The appearance of the dessert was almost too beautiful to eat.

Usher - to escort people to seats

Eg: The wedding usher helped the bride and groom with their train as they walked down the aisle.

Evidence - to make apparent or visible

Eg: The prosecution argued that the timeline of events was based on strong corroborating evidence.

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