18 different ways to say Hot

Other words that mean Hot

Direct synonyms of Hot

  • hot - having a high temperature
  • live - to function as a living thing
  • spicy - tasting of spice, also SPICEY
  • raging - furious
  • blistering - BLISTER, to cause fluid filled swellings on the skin

Words With Similar Meanings To Hot

We found 5 ways to say hot, and another 13 words that have a similar meaning to hot. A synonym is a word that has close to or means exactly the same thing as another word. If you're looking for another way to say hot, using a synonym or related word can help you avoid repeating yourself and add variety to your language.

How else can you say Hot?

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Hot - having a high temperature

Eg: The new video game is really hot right now, everyone is playing it.

Spicy - tasting of spice, also SPICEY

Eg: I tried the spicy challenge at the restaurant and regretted it immediately.

Raging - furious

Eg: The raging storm caused massive damage to the coastal town.

Alive - living

Eg: The painting was so realistic that it seemed to come alive.

Exist - to have actual being, to live

Eg: It's important to recognize that poverty exists in our own communities.

Bouncy - tending to bounce

Eg: The gymnast had to be very bouncy to execute her routine properly.

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