55 different ways to say Interpret

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Direct synonyms of Interpret

  • interpret - to explain the meaning of, to elucidate, also INTERPRETATE
  • render - to plaster with a first coat
  • construe - to analyse the grammatical construction of (a sentence)
  • see - to observe with the eyes
  • rede - (archaic) to advise or counsel, also REEDE
  • translate - to render into another language
  • understand - to grasp the meaning of
  • represent - to exhibit the image of; to use, or serve, as a symbol for

Words With Similar Meanings To Interpret

  • yield - to give up
  • return - to go back
  • give - to transfer freely to another's possession
  • generate - to bring into existence
  • deliver - nimble
  • submit - to yield to the power of another
  • try - to attempt
  • picture - to form a likeness of
  • supply - to provide with service or goods
  • consider - to think about
  • reckon - to count or compute
  • view - to look at
  • regard - to look upon, to esteem highly
  • check - to inspect
  • insure - to secure payment in the event of loss or damage
  • ensure - to make sure
  • control - to exercise authority over, also CONTROUL
  • ascertain - to make sure
  • assure - to insure; to assert as true
  • escort - to accompany
  • learn - to be informed
  • determine - to put terms or bounds to
  • experience - to have practical acquaintance with
  • watch - to keep in view
  • meet - suitable
  • attend - to be present at
  • visualize - to call up a clear visual image, also VISUALISE
  • examine - to inspect
  • visit - to call upon someone
  • witness - to have direct knowledge of
  • advise - to give advice to
  • counsel - to advise
  • transform - to change into another form
  • realize - to accomplish, also REALISE
  • realise - to accomplish, also REALIZE
  • read - to look at and understand written matter
  • infer - to reach or derive by reasoning
  • sympathize - to be in keeping, accord, or harmony, also SYMPATHISE
  • correspond - to be in conformity or agreement
  • defend - to protect
  • act - to do something in a specified way
  • present - soon
  • stage - to produce for public viewing
  • constitute - to form
  • exemplify - to serve as an example
  • map - to plan a layout of
  • typify - to serve as a typical example

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How else can you say Interpret?

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Construe - to analyse the grammatical construction of (a sentence)

Rede - (archaic) to advise or counsel, also REEDE

Eg: She can read and write in three different languages.

Translate - to render into another language

Eg: The software can automatically translate the website from German to English.

Generate - to bring into existence

Eg: The system is able to generate reports automatically.

Check - to inspect

Eg: The security guard checked my ID before allowing me to enter the building.

Advise - to give advice to

Eg: I would advise you to take a jacket because it's cold outside.

Transform - to change into another form

Eg: The coach transformed the losing team into champions.

Typify - to serve as a typical example

Eg: The movie typifies the genre of romantic comedies.

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