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We found 3 ways to say interview, and another 13 words that have a similar meaning to interview. A synonym is a word that has close to or means exactly the same thing as another word. If you're looking for another way to say interview, using a synonym or related word can help you avoid repeating yourself and add variety to your language.

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Interview - to conduct a formal meeting with

Eg: I need to prepare for my upcoming interview by researching the company and practicing my answers.

Inquiry - a question, also ENQUIRY

Eg: The historian used inquiry to examine primary sources and piece together the events of the past.

Query - to question

Eg: The librarian helped the patron refine their query to find more relevant search results.

Oppugn - to assail with argument

Eg: The lawyer was able to oppugn the witness's testimony during cross-examination.

Doubt - to be uncertain about

Eg: The politician's promises created doubts among the voters, who had heard similar promises before.

Audience - a group of listeners or spectators

Eg: The TV show targets a young audience.

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