30 different ways to say Lawsuit

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Direct synonyms of Lawsuit

  • lawsuit - a legal action
  • suit - to be appropriate
  • case - to put in a container
  • cause - to bring about
  • causa - (Latin) a (legal) cause

Words With Similar Meanings To Lawsuit

  • accommodate - to make fit, suitable, or congruous
  • fit - in a good healthy condition
  • become - to come to be
  • befit - to be suitable for
  • courtship - the act of wooing a woman in order to persuade her to become one's wife
  • showcase - to show something off to best advantage
  • vitrine - a glass showcase for art objects
  • pillowcase - a removable covering for a pillow
  • slip - to slide suddenly and accidentally
  • instance - to cite as an example
  • example - to illustrate, show by representation
  • subject - to cause to experience
  • character - a symbol
  • encase - to put in a case, also INCASE
  • casing - a protective outer covering
  • shell - to remove the outer covering from nuts
  • sheath - to put into a protective casing, also SHEATHE
  • font - a container for baptismal water
  • event - a happening
  • do - a party, celebration
  • make - to cause to exist
  • reason - to deduct inferences from premises
  • grounds - GROUND, to place on a foundation
  • campaign - to conduct an operation to achieve a certain goal
  • induce - to influence into doing something

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Courtship - the act of wooing a woman in order to persuade her to become one's wife

Make - to cause to exist

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