21 different ways to say Lock

Other words that mean Lock

Direct synonyms of Lock

  • lock - to secure with a fastening device
  • curl - to form into ringlets
  • ringlet - a small ring
  • whorl - to move in a twisted or convoluted fashion
  • interlock - to lock or clasp together
  • interlace - to lace, weave together
  • engage - to employ

Words With Similar Meanings To Lock

  • curve - to deviate from straightness
  • kink - to form a loop or bend in
  • wave - to flutter back and forth
  • coil - to wind in even rings
  • mesh - the opening between the threads of a net
  • intertwine - to unite by twining one with another
  • operate - to perform a function
  • enlist - to engage for military service
  • wage - to engage in or carry on
  • absorb - to take up or in
  • lease - to contract the loan of premises for rent
  • betroth - to engage to marry
  • hire - to use for a price
  • prosecute - to pursue by law

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Lock - to secure with a fastening device

Eg: He forgot the key to his bike lock and had to walk home.

Curl - to form into ringlets

Eg: You can upload a file to a server with the `-F` option: `curl -F "file=@/path/to/file" https://example.com/upload`.

Whorl - to move in a twisted or convoluted fashion

Eg: The detective examined the whorl of the suspect's fingerprint to match it to the crime scene.

Enlist - to engage for military service

Eg: The company is trying to enlist new investors to fund their project.

Wage - to engage in or carry on

Eg: The wage gap between men and women in the company has been a major issue.

Hire - to use for a price

Eg: I am going to hire a cleaner to come and clean my house every week.

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