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Direct synonyms of Make

  • make - to cause to exist
  • get - to obtain or acquire
  • work - to toil in mind or body
  • urinate - to discharge urine
  • piddle - to deal in trifles
  • puddle - to make a small pool of water
  • micturate - to urinate
  • piss - (colloquial) urine
  • pee - to urinate
  • wee - small
  • pretend - to make believe
  • create - to bring into being
  • do - a party, celebration
  • take - to seize possession
  • hold - to keep possession of
  • have - to possess
  • seduce - to lead astray
  • draw - to move by pulling
  • induce - to influence into doing something
  • cook - to prepare food by heating
  • stool - to put forth shoots
  • reach - to stretch out or put forth
  • name - to give a title to
  • construct - to build
  • form - to shape or produce
  • gain - to acquire
  • produce - to bring into existence
  • cause - to bring about
  • shuffle - to walk without lifting the feet
  • brand - to mark with a hot iron

Words With Similar Meanings To Make

  • acquire - to come into possession of
  • receive - to come into possession of
  • catch - to capture after pursuit
  • capture - to take by force or cunning
  • let - to allow
  • contract - to decrease in size
  • drive - to urge or convey forward
  • bring - to take with oneself to a place
  • become - to come to be
  • grow - to cultivate
  • beget - to cause to exist
  • suffer - to feel pain or distress
  • perplex - to puzzle
  • scram - to leave quickly
  • experience - to have practical acquaintance with
  • arrive - to reach a destination
  • act - to do something in a specified way
  • process - to treat or prepare by a special method
  • study - to apply oneself to learning
  • sour - having an acid taste
  • ferment - to undergo a type of chemical reaction
  • solve - to find the answer to
  • exploit - to take advantage of
  • knead - to massage with the hands
  • shape - to fashion into a form
  • influence - to have or exert an effect on
  • cultivate - to till or produce by tillage
  • exercise - to perform a set drill
  • function - to perform or act
  • oeuvre - (French) the sum of an artist's life work
  • workplace - a place of work
  • employment - the act of employing
  • wanton - thoughtlessly cruel
  • trifle - to waste time
  • urine - to discharge a liquid containing body wastes
  • pool - to contribute to a common fund
  • addle - to confuse
  • muddle - to mix up
  • peeing - PEE, to urinate
  • bitty - fragmented
  • dissemble - to hide true feelings, motives, or the facts
  • feign - to pretend, give a false impression, also FAINE, FAYNE
  • guess - to form an opinion from little or no evidence
  • profess - to affirm openly
  • manage - to control or direct
  • fare - to get on or succeed
  • come - to move toward someone or something
  • perform - to begin and carry through to completion
  • doh - a musical note
  • ut - the musical tone C
  • practice - to train or drill in order to acquire skill, also PRACTISE
  • serve - to work for
  • suffice - to be adequate
  • dress - to put clothes on
  • bash - to strike
  • accept - to receive with favour
  • submit - to yield to the power of another
  • read - to look at and understand written matter
  • occupy - to reside in, also OCCUPATE
  • contain - to hold within
  • claim - to demand as one's due
  • subscribe - to write underneath, as one's name; to sign (one's name) to a document
  • lease - to contract the loan of premises for rent
  • carry - to convey from one place to another
  • aim - to direct a course
  • learn - to be informed
  • assume - to take for granted
  • consume - to use up
  • remove - to transfer to another place
  • film - to make a motion picture
  • necessitate - to make necessary
  • consider - to think about
  • fill - to make full
  • choose - to select by preference
  • lead - to go in advance
  • return - to go back
  • bear - to endure
  • support - to hold up
  • sustain - to maintain by providing with food and drink
  • throw - to fling in the air
  • give - to transfer freely to another's possession
  • keep - to retain in one's possession
  • agree - to have the same opinion
  • declare - to make known clearly
  • halt - to stop
  • control - to exercise authority over, also CONTROUL
  • apply - to bring to bear
  • defy - to resist openly and boldly
  • oblige - to bind by some favour rendered, also OBLIGATE
  • defend - to protect
  • reserve - to hold in abeyance
  • prevail - to triumph
  • accommodate - to make fit, suitable, or congruous
  • retain - to keep possession of
  • restrain - to hold back
  • harbor - to shelter, also HARBOUR
  • deem - to hold as an opinion
  • handle - to touch with the hands
  • detention - the act of detaining
  • delay - to put off to a later time
  • appreciation - judgment, evaluation
  • clasp - to embrace tightly
  • feature - to present prominently
  • own - to have as a possession
  • score - to achieve a success
  • quarter - to divide into four parts
  • cast - to throw with force
  • pull - to draw or drag
  • haul - to pull with force
  • haulage - the act of hauling
  • lot - to separate into batches
  • standoff - a tie or a draw, in a game
  • tie - to fasten
  • absorb - to take up or in
  • trace - to follow the course of
  • string - to provide with catgut, silk, wire or cord
  • disembowel - to take out the bowels of
  • guide - to show the way
  • attract - to cause to approach or adhere
  • withdraw - to move away
  • puff - to blow in short gusts
  • describe - to recount the physical appearance, also DESCRIVE
  • reap - to cut for harvest
  • hook - to catch with a bent piece of metal
  • stimulate - to excite, to inspire enthusiasm in
  • induct - to bring into military service
  • rush - to move swiftly
  • hasten - to hurry, also HASTE
  • fix - to make firm, repair
  • ready - prepared
  • prepare - to get ready
  • fudge - to falsify
  • defecate - to void excrement, also DEFAECATE
  • shit - (vulgar) to defecate
  • crap - to defecate
  • tiller - to put forth stems from a root, also TELLAR, TELLER
  • toilet - to dress and groom oneself
  • attain - to gain or achieve by mental or physical effort
  • hit - to strike forcibly
  • touch - to come into contact with
  • contact - to communicate with
  • reaching - REACH, to stretch out or put forth
  • stretch - to draw out or open to full length
  • achieve - to carry out successfully
  • strive - to try hard
  • pass - to go by
  • compass - to surround or enclose
  • scope - to examine with a viewing instrument
  • range - to place in a particular order, also RAUNGE
  • nominate - by name
  • call - to summon
  • identify - to establish the identity of
  • epithet - an adjective or adjectival phrase, also APATHATON, EPITHETON
  • figure - to compute
  • gens - (Latin) in ancient Rome a clan including several families descending from a common ancestor
  • appoint - to assign to a job
  • mention - to remark briefly
  • list - to write down in a particular order
  • diagnose - to identify a disease by symptoms
  • build - to construct
  • reconstruct - to construct again
  • manufacture - to make into a product suitable for use
  • concept - a general idea
  • constitute - to form
  • spring - to leap upward
  • organize - to form into an organic whole, also ORGANISE
  • organise - to form into an organic whole, also ORGANIZE
  • pattern - to copy a design
  • variant - something that differs from a standard or type
  • strain - to exert to the utmost
  • signifier - something that signifies
  • descriptor - in computing, a symbol identifying a particular subject in a storage area
  • class - to classify
  • kind - good to others
  • phase - to carry out in distinct stages or development
  • mannequin - a dummy for the display of clothes etc., also MANIKIN, MANNIKIN
  • imprint - to produce a mark by pressure
  • clear - to remove obstruction
  • earn - to gain or deserve for one's labour or service, also ERN
  • realize - to accomplish, also REALISE
  • realise - to accomplish, also REALIZE
  • advance - to put forward, to go forward
  • win - to gain
  • gather - to bring together in one place or group
  • addition - something added
  • profit - to gain an advantage or benefit
  • derive - to trace to an origin
  • amplification - an act, example, or product of amplifying
  • reason - to deduct inferences from premises
  • grounds - GROUND, to place on a foundation
  • campaign - to conduct an operation to achieve a certain goal
  • lawsuit - a legal action
  • shuffling - walking without lifting the feet
  • ruffle - to disturb the smoothness of
  • mix - to combine together
  • scuffle - to struggle in a rough, confused manner
  • shamble - to walk awkwardly
  • firebrand - a flaming stick; a hot-tempered person
  • trademark - any name or distinctive device warranting goods for sale as the production of any individual or firm
  • post - to display in a public place
  • mark - to impress or stamp with a sign
  • stigmatize - to mark with a stigma, or brand; as, the ancients stigmatized their slaves and soldiers, also STIGMATISE
  • sword - a weapon with a long blade

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Make - to cause to exist

Eg: The teacher had to make the students stay after class for misbehaving.
Read 233 other other words to use instead of make

Create - to bring into being

Eg: The teacher encouraged the students to create their own artwork.

Take - to seize possession

Eg: She took the day off to go shopping with her friends.
All 230 other different words meaning take

Hold - to keep possession of

Eg: My backpack is too heavy to hold for a long time.
Read 222 other other words to use instead of hold

Scram - to leave quickly

Eg: The teacher ordered the students to scram when they began misbehaving in class.

Knead - to massage with the hands

Eg: Knead the meatball mixture gently so that it holds together, but isn't too compact.

Oeuvre - (French) the sum of an artist's life work

Eg: The musician's oeuvre includes over 20 albums.

Wanton - thoughtlessly cruel

Eg: She was known for her wanton behavior, sleeping with anyone who showed her attention.

Trifle - to waste time

Eg: The children were having a trifle competition to see who can make the best dessert.

Urine - to discharge a liquid containing body wastes

Eg: The urine of pregnant women is often tested for the presence of protein or sugar, which can indicate potential complications.

Pool - to contribute to a common fund

Eg: The charity has a pool of volunteers who help with fundraising events.

Addle - to confuse

Eg: The author's convoluted writing style addled the reader's understanding of the plot.

Peeing - PEE, to urinate

Eg: The doctor asked me how often I've been peeing lately.

Bitty - fragmented

Eg: The bitty house in the countryside was cozy but lacked modern amenities.

Feign - to pretend, give a false impression, also FAINE, FAYNE

Eg: The actor feigned a British accent for the role.

Perform - to begin and carry through to completion

Eg: The actor will perform in the play at the theater.

Doh - a musical note

Eg: "I tripped and fell in front of everyone. Doh!"

Ut - the musical tone C

Eg: The syllables of the solmization system were used to teach singers how to sing notes accurately.

Bash - to strike

Eg: He used Bash to create a script that runs a series of commands and sends the output to a text file.

Feature - to present prominently

Eg: The town's most recognizable feature is its historic clock tower.

Own - to have as a possession

Eg: She owns the rights to the song she wrote.

Reap - to cut for harvest

Eg: The company's aggressive marketing campaign had finally paid off, and they were reaping the benefits of increased sales.

Induct - to bring into military service

Eg: The guide was inducting the tourists into the local culture and traditions.

Hasten - to hurry, also HASTE

Eg: The government is trying to hasten the distribution of vaccines to combat the pandemic.

Defecate - to void excrement, also DEFAECATE

Tiller - to put forth stems from a root, also TELLAR, TELLER

Eg: The tiller churned up the soil, making it easier for the crops to grow.

Attain - to gain or achieve by mental or physical effort

Eg: The artist's work has attained international recognition and acclaim.

Achieve - to carry out successfully

Eg: The team worked hard to achieve their target sales for the month.

Pass - to go by

Eg: She was able to pass through customs without any problems.
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