19 different ways to say Occur

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Direct synonyms of Occur

  • occur - to take place
  • come - to move toward someone or something
  • happen - to occur

Words With Similar Meanings To Occur

  • amount - to come to in total
  • follow - to go after or behind
  • fall - to descend freely by force of gravity
  • arrive - to reach a destination
  • do - a party, celebration
  • total - whole
  • derive - to trace to an origin
  • hail - to greet
  • semen - (Latin) the liquid that carries spermatozoa
  • hap - to happen by chance
  • pass - to go by
  • materialize - to make material, also MATERIALISE
  • materialise - to appear, become material, also MATERIALIZE
  • befall - to happen or occur to
  • bechance - to happen by chance
  • find - to come upon after a search

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Pass - to go by

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Materialise - to appear, become material, also MATERIALIZE

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