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  • debut - (French) to make a first public appearance in society
  • launching - the act of making a launch
  • unveiling - the act of unveiling
  • entry - a place of entrance
  • initiation - the act of initiating
  • insertion - the act of inserting
  • notification - the act or an instance of notifying
  • demo - to demonstrate
  • monstrance - an ecclesiastical vessel to expose the Eucharist
  • manifestation - the act, process, or an instance of manifesting
  • show - to cause or permit to be seen
  • exhibit - to display publicly
  • showing - an exhibition or display
  • expose - to lay open to view

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How else can you say Presentation?

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Presentation - the act of presenting

Eg: The art exhibit featured a presentation on the life and work of the famous painter.

Presentment - a jury's statement to a court of matters within its knowledge

Demonstration - the act of demonstrating

Eg: The athlete gave a demonstration of his athletic abilities during the tryouts.

Debut - (French) to make a first public appearance in society

Eg: The indie band's debut album was critically acclaimed and launched them to stardom.

Expose - to lay open to view

Eg: Here are ten different examples of how "expose" can be used in a sentence:

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