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  • process - to treat or prepare by a special method
  • operation - the act of operating
  • work - to toil in mind or body
  • operate - to perform a function
  • go - to move along
  • run - to move by rapid steps
  • office - a position of authority
  • part - to divide, separate or break
  • role - a part played by an actor
  • purpose - to intend to accomplish
  • use - to put into service
  • map - to plan a layout of
  • mapping - a mathematical correspondence
  • officiate - to perform the duties of an office
  • serve - to work for
  • affair - something which is to be done
  • behave - to act properly
  • do - a party, celebration
  • play - to engage in recreation
  • playact - to take part in a theatrical performance
  • represent - to exhibit the image of; to use, or serve, as a symbol for
  • move - to change from one position to another
  • number - to count
  • turn - to change direction, rotate
  • bit - to curb or restrain
  • deed - (Scots) dead
  • enactment - the passing of a bill into law
  • dissemble - to hide true feelings, motives, or the facts
  • mundane - ordinary, banal
  • quotidian - commonplace; occurring every day
  • unremarkable - not remarkable
  • workaday - a working day
  • casual - accidental, occasional

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Run - to move by rapid steps

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