24 different ways to say Sit

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Direct synonyms of Sit

  • model - to form a plan or design
  • seat - to place on a chair
  • ride - to be conveyed by an animal or machine

Words With Similar Meanings To Sit

  • simulate - to take on the appearance of
  • pose - to assume a fixed position
  • sit - to rest on the buttocks
  • posture - to assume a particular position
  • mold - to work into a particular shape, also MOULD
  • mould - to work into a particular shape, also MOLD
  • pattern - to copy a design
  • modelling - the act of modelling
  • modeling - the art of making a model
  • example - to illustrate, show by representation
  • simulation - the act of simulating
  • poser - one that poses
  • framework - the skeleton or outline of anything
  • mannequin - a dummy for the display of clothes etc., also MANIKIN, MANNIKIN
  • exemplar - an ideal model, also EXAMPLAR
  • place - to assign to a position
  • buttocks - BUTTOCK, in wrestling, to throw by the buttocks
  • induct - to bring into military service
  • mount - to climb
  • drive - to urge or convey forward
  • tease - to make fun of; to draw out, also TEAZE, TOAZE, TOSE, TOZE

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Poser - one that poses

Eg: He wanted to fit in with the surfers, so he bought a board and pretended to be a pro, but everyone could tell he was just a poser.

Induct - to bring into military service

Eg: The coach was inducted into the team's Ring of Honor for his legendary career.

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