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Vocabulary M - O

Words Beginning With 'M'

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  1. If something is very small, it is


  2. The bakery was shut so I didn't to buy any bread.


  3. Ground near a lake, river or the sea, that tends to flood and is always wet is called a .


  4. Her remarkable success as a rock star is partly due to her ability to the media.


    5.  To means to walk with regular steps keeping the body stiff, esp. in a formal group of people who are walking in the same way.


    6. I usually play football with some of my from school on Saturdays.


    7. Girls are said to faster than boys.


    8. A person who thinks and acts in an independent way, often behaving differently from the expected or usual way is called a .


    9. Michael is a of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.


    10. I've left my watch at the jeweller's to be  .


Words Beginning With 'N'

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  1. To means to criticise or complain repeatedly and annoyingly, often as a way of trying to persuade someone to do something


  2. I like to take a littleafter Sunday lunch.


  3. We got out in time but it was a  escape.


  4. You are a very  girl, pulling the head off your's sister doll!.


    5.  A thin metal pin, used in sewing, which is pointed at one end and has a hole called an eye at the other end is called a


    6. I'm afraid I've rather the house this week so it's a bit of a mess.


    7. A shop whose main business is selling newspapers and magazines is called a.


    8. Although he was a he worked in a factory and never used his title.


    9. sunbathing is only allowed on certain beaches.


    10. Raw spinach is very which means that it contains many of the substances needed for life and growth.


Words Beginning With 'O'

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  1. An  is a long pole with a wide flat part at one end which is used for rowing a boat.


  2. A child whose parents are dead is an .


  3. I strongly to being called a thief!


  4. They talk in an jargon that is almost impossible to understand.


    5.  Something that blocks you so that movement, going forward or action are prevented or made more difficult is called an .


    6. Time spent working beyond the usual time needed or expected in a job is called  


    7. Something you are told to do by someone else and which you must do is an  


    8. Anis someone who watches something that is happening in a public place but is not involved in it.


    9. A very large, flightless bird from Africa which is sometimes bred on farms is called an .


    10.   people are those who weigh too much.