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Web-based Activities for ESL / EFL Learners

This page contains links to a large number of web-based activities for ESL / EFL. Most are designed for students to do in a classroom situation with on-hand teacher feedback. The activities are designed for learners of English at pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper intermediate levels. The links have been selected based on their high quality and worth to language learners. 
  • Whodunnit (solve an imaginary crime using the online clues!)
  • PETA (web-based activities and material for later discussion)
  • A Virtual Tour of Bristol (a well-designed webquest type activity based on the city of Bristol in the west of England)
  • Valentines Activity (poetry based web activities for Valentine's day and beyond)
  • Broadstairs (twenty comprehension questions based on webpages about a town in the south-east of England)
  • Sherlock Holmes (internet activities based on Sherlock Holmes and his creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
  • The Amish (advanced writing related web based activities for groupwork)
  • The Matrix (a set of classroom activities (reading, writing and listening) based on a spoof of the film 'The Matrix')
  • Cloning (another set of team centred activities for advanced students of English)
  • Berlin Olympics (a set of activities designed around a text by the Holocaust museum)
  • The Death Penalty (an interesting and stimulating set of activities for esl and/or efl students on a controversial subject)
  • Ireland (a range of activities including listening exercises connected with Northern Ireland)

If you know of any other good web based activities suitable for computer assisted language learning, do let us know. Any high quality links will be added to this page. And if you'd like to design some for students and teachers to use for free we will happily add them to our site.

 You might also be interested in checking out our list of recommended class-based webquests.



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