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Love word games? Check the definition and popular synonyms of corgi. Find all the anagrams, permutations and unscrambles of corgi. We also have lists of Words that end with corgi, and words that start with corgi.

What is corgi? What does corgi mean?

corgi is normally defined as (Welsh) a dog of a small short-legged breed of Welsh origin

corgi Definition

A corgi is a small dog breed that originated in Wales. They have a distinctive appearance, with short legs, a long body, and pointed ears. Corgis were originally bred for herding, but have since become popular pets due to their friendly and affectionate nature.

  • Corgi can refer specifically to two different breeds:
    • Pembroke Welsh Corgi
    • Cardigan Welsh Corgi
  • Corgis typically weigh between 20-30 pounds and stand about 10-12 inches tall at the shoulder.
  • They have a double coat of fur that sheds frequently, and come in a variety of colors including red, sable, fawn, and black and tan.

Examples Using corgi in a sentence

  1. I saw a corgi at the park and couldn't resist petting it.
  2. Corgis are great with kids and make excellent family pets.
  3. I love taking my corgi for walks, even though he's a little stubborn sometimes.
  4. Corgis are known for their intelligence and are often used in agility competitions.
  5. My neighbor has a corgi who loves to bark at squirrels in the backyard.
  6. Corgis are prone to obesity, so it's important to monitor their diet and exercise.
  7. I follow a lot of corgi accounts on Instagram because they always make me smile.
  8. Corgis have become popular in recent years thanks to their appearances in movies and TV shows.
  9. My corgi loves to cuddle up in my lap while I'm watching TV.
  10. Corgis are sometimes referred to as "big dogs in small bodies" due to their fearless and energetic personalities.

How much does corgi score in a game of Scrabble?

Playing corgi scores 8 points in a game of Scrabble. This assumes no use of double or triple word or letter multipliers, and no wildcards

How many points is corgi worth in Words With Friends?

If you play the word corgi in Words With Friends, it scores 10 points. Playing on a triple word score, this would be 30 points.

What's another way to say corgi? What are its synonyms?

How else can you write corgi? In our thesaurus we found there are 0 synonyms of corgi.

How may anagrams can you make from corgi?

There are 1 anagrams of corgi. These include :

There are 1 anagrams of corgi in total. See all anagrams of corgi

What words can you unscramble using the letters in corgi?

There are 20 words that can be unscrambled or created from the letters in corgi. These include :

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What other words can be made from using the letters in corgi?

There are 3183 words that can be made from the letters in corgi. These include :

There are 3183 words that can be made from the letters in corgi. See all words that can be made from the letters in corgi

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