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What is deceit? What does deceit mean?

deceit is often defined as falseness

deceit Definition

Deceit is behavior that is intentionally dishonest or misleading, often for personal gain. It can manifest in many forms, including lying, misrepresenting facts, withholding information, or manipulating others. Deceit is often used to gain an unfair advantage over someone else, or to cover up one's own mistakes or wrongdoings.

Examples Using deceit in a sentence

  1. The politician's deceit was exposed when it was revealed that he had lied about his education and work experience.
  2. She used deceit to convince her boss that she deserved a raise, even though she had not met her sales targets.
  3. His deceitful behavior was the reason why his friends stopped trusting him.
  4. The company was accused of deceit when it was revealed that they had knowingly sold faulty products to customers.
  5. The spy's job was to use deceit to gather sensitive information from his targets.
  6. The scam artist's deceitful tactics tricked many people out of their life savings.
  7. She resorted to deceit when she realized that she was losing the argument.
  8. The con man's deceitful promises convinced the elderly couple to give him all their money.
  9. The lawyer was disbarred for using deceitful tactics during the trial.
  10. It is important to be honest and avoid deceit in all aspects of life, including personal and professional relationships.

How much does deceit score in a game of Scrabble?

Playing deceit scores 9 points in a game of Scrabble. This assumes no use of double or triple word or letter multipliers, and no wildcards

How many points is deceit worth in Words With Friends?

If you play the word deceit in Words With Friends, it scores 10 points. Playing on a triple word score, this would be 30 points.

What's another way to say deceit? What are its synonyms?

How else can you write deceit? In our thesaurus we found there are 2 synonyms of deceit. Some of these are:

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How may anagrams can you make from deceit?

There are 0 anagrams of deceit.

What words can you unscramble using the letters in deceit?

There are 48 words that can be unscrambled or created from the letters in deceit. These include :

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What other words can be made from using the letters in deceit?

There are 4702 words that can be made from the letters in deceit. These include :

There are 4702 words that can be made from the letters in deceit. See all words that can be made from the letters in deceit

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