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What is delope? What does delope mean?

delope is generally defined as to fire one's gun into the air during a duel

delope Definition

Delope is a rare term which means to discharge one's firearm into the air in a duel but intentionally miss the opponent as a way of showing bravery. It is a term that is commonly used in the context of dueling or firing a gun as a form of challenge or intimidation. Some possible meanings of the term include:

  • To intentionally miss a target in order to show off one's bravery or skill with a firearm.
  • To fire a gun into the air as a way of signaling or announcing one's presence.
  • To discharge a firearm in a non-lethal manner as a way of avoiding conflict or violence.

Examples Using delope in a sentence

  1. The two duellists stood facing each other, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Suddenly, one of them raised his pistol and fired a delope into the air.
  2. The sound of a delope echoed through the valley, signaling the start of the hunt.
  3. As a sign of respect, the soldiers fired a delope into the air in honor of their fallen comrade.
  4. The sheriff ordered the posse to fire a delope as a warning to the outlaws hiding in the hills.
  5. Despite being outnumbered, the bandit leader fired a delope into the air to show that he was not afraid.
  6. The crowd cheered as the sharpshooter fired a delope, narrowly missing the target but hitting a nearby bottle instead.
  7. In some cultures, it is considered bad luck to fire a delope before a wedding ceremony.
  8. The old gunslinger taught his protege the art of the delope, explaining that it was a way of showing one's courage without resorting to violence.
  9. The young soldier was nervous during his first battle, but his officer fired a delope to show him that there was nothing to fear.
  10. The aristocrats would often gather in the park and fire a delope, trying to outdo one another with their marksmanship skills.

How much does delope score in a game of Scrabble?

Playing delope scores 9 points in a game of Scrabble. This assumes no use of double or triple word or letter multipliers, and no wildcards

How many points is delope worth in Words With Friends?

If you play the word delope in Words With Friends, it scores 11 points. Playing on a triple word score, this would be 33 points.

What's another way to say delope? What are its synonyms?

How else can you write delope? In our thesaurus we found there are 0 synonyms of delope.

How may anagrams can you make from delope?

There are 1 anagrams of delope. These include :

There are 1 anagrams of delope in total. See all anagrams of delope

What words can you unscramble using the letters in delope?

There are 58 words that can be unscrambled or created from the letters in delope. These include :

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What other words can be made from using the letters in delope?

There are 1984 words that can be made from the letters in delope. These include :

There are 1984 words that can be made from the letters in delope. See all words that can be made from the letters in delope

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