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What is jingo? What does jingo mean?

jingo is normally defined as a zealous patriot, also JINGOIST

jingo Definition

Jingo is a term used to describe someone who shows excessive patriotism, especially in the form of aggression towards other countries or people. It can also refer to a person who is overly aggressive or bellicose in their attitudes towards a particular group or cause.

Examples Using jingo in a sentence

  1. The politician's jingoistic speeches stirred up nationalistic fervor among his supporters.
  2. He was called a jingo by his colleagues due to his aggressive stance towards the opposition party.
  3. The newspaper's jingoistic editorials were criticized for promoting xenophobia and intolerance.
  4. The country's jingoistic policies led to strained relations with its neighbors.
  5. The coach's jingoistic attitude towards the opposing team caused a lot of tension on the field.
  6. His jingoistic views on immigration were widely criticized by civil rights groups.
  7. The president's jingoistic rhetoric was seen as a way to distract from domestic issues.
  8. The author's jingoistic portrayal of the enemy was criticized for its lack of nuance.
  9. The jingoistic slogans of the political party were seen as divisive and harmful.
  10. The student's jingoistic behavior towards foreign students led to a complaint from the university administration.

How much does jingo score in a game of Scrabble?

Playing jingo scores 13 points in a game of Scrabble. This assumes no use of double or triple word or letter multipliers, and no wildcards

How many points is jingo worth in Words With Friends?

If you play the word jingo in Words With Friends, it scores 17 points. Playing on a triple word score, this would be 51 points.

What's another way to say jingo? What are its synonyms?

How else can you write jingo? In our thesaurus we found there are 0 synonyms of jingo.

How may anagrams can you make from jingo?

There are 0 anagrams of jingo.

What words can you unscramble using the letters in jingo?

There are 22 words that can be unscrambled or created from the letters in jingo. These include :

Check out all the words you can create from the letters in jingo

What other words can be made from using the letters in jingo?

There are 209 words that can be made from the letters in jingo. These include :

There are 209 words that can be made from the letters in jingo. See all words that can be made from the letters in jingo

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