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What is slangy? What does slangy mean?

slangy is usually defined as full of slang

slangy Definition

slangy is an adjective that describes something that is informal, non-standard, or colloquial. It can refer to language, speech, or writing that is not considered part of the standard variety, and often includes words or expressions that are specific to a particular group or subculture. Some possible meanings of slangy include:

  • Using words or phrases that are not part of the standard vocabulary, such as "gonna" instead of "going to", "y'all" instead of "you all", or "wanna" instead of "want to".
  • Using words or phrases in a non-standard way, such as "sick" to mean "cool" or "awesome", or "lit" to mean "exciting" or "fun".
  • Using informal or casual language that might be considered inappropriate in certain settings, such as using swear words or sexual references.

Examples Using slangy in a sentence

  1. "I can't understand your text messages, they're too slangy!"
  2. "The movie was full of slangy dialogue that made me feel like I was part of the characters' world."
  3. "She used a lot of slangy expressions during the interview, which made her seem unprofessional."
  4. "He's always trying to sound slangy to impress his friends, but it just comes off as fake."
  5. "The rapper's lyrics were full of slangy phrases that only fans of the genre would understand."
  6. "I don't like it when people talk to me in a slangy way, it makes me feel disrespected."
  7. "The comedian's jokes were full of slangy humor that only people from his hometown would get."
  8. "I try not to use slangy expressions in my writing, because I want it to be professional and accessible to everyone."
  9. "My grandparents don't like it when I use slangy language around them, they think it's disrespectful."
  10. "The online forum was full of slangy abbreviations and acronyms that I had to look up to understand."

How much does slangy score in a game of Scrabble?

Playing slangy scores 10 points in a game of Scrabble. This assumes no use of double or triple word or letter multipliers, and no wildcards

How many points is slangy worth in Words With Friends?

If you play the word slangy in Words With Friends, it scores 12 points. Playing on a triple word score, this would be 36 points.

What's another way to say slangy? What are its synonyms?

How else can you write slangy? In our thesaurus we found there are 0 synonyms of slangy.

How may anagrams can you make from slangy?

There are 0 anagrams of slangy.

What words can you unscramble using the letters in slangy?

There are 59 words that can be unscrambled or created from the letters in slangy. These include :

Check out all the words you can create from the letters in slangy

What other words can be made from using the letters in slangy?

There are 485 words that can be made from the letters in slangy. These include :

There are 485 words that can be made from the letters in slangy. See all words that can be made from the letters in slangy

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