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Work and Study

We've had a number of requests from our visitors and students to provide some information about working in English speaking countries and studying online, so we have decided to offer some information on the subject. Here are some interesting links and resources; more will be added in the coming days.

 Work and Career Opportunites

Book: Summer Jobs in Britain
A great book, which gives precise details of over 30,000 summer vacancies in the UK, all included at the request of employers. The directory lists opportunities in a wide range of occupations and voluntary organizations, and also in vacation traineeships providing work experience in such fields as business and law. See also: Living and Working in London, for information about life in the capital city.

Another fine book, this time designed for anyone interested in living or working temporarily or permanently, starting a business in the USA or Canada. It contains major sections devoted to permanent employment and careers in North America, including types of job available, job hunting techniques, applying, interviews, salary details as well as a industrial guide and list of major employers. It also features case histories and includes background information on the North American way of life, including facts on buying a home, city and regional guides, the health and education systems.


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